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Why Brand Awareness and Brand Trust are so Important

Posted on September 12, 2019 under Giveaway & Promotional Ideas
Why Brand Awareness and Brand Trust are so Important

Building adequate brand awareness is extremely important for any modern-day business because it gives them a position of clear advantage over competition. In simple words, brand awareness can be defined as the familiarity your target customers have with your organization and its products and services. We all have had experiences where just hearing a tag line or seeing a logo has reminded us of certain companies. This is exactly what brand awareness can do for your business.

Experts suggest that people tend to remember or recognize a brand only after a minimum of five to seven brand impressions. Therefore, certain measures must be taken in order to ensure that the name of your business is on the tip of the tongues of your prospective customers.

Brand trust, On the other hand, is the reflection of the expectation of a customer from the product, service, or corporate behavior of a brand. Needless to mention, this is one of the most precious intangible assets a business can posses. Unfortunately, trust is an elusive term in today’s commercial environment. This is why brands must work sincerely towards building trust by remaining responsible, reliable, and delivering on all their promises.

Though brand awareness and brand trust are different terms, there is a deep correlation between the two. For example, building trust is one of the ways to ensure brand awareness. Similarly, awareness can be the first step towards growing trust for a business.

Experts suggest many different ways to increase brand awareness and trust, including guest posting on websites and blogs, referral programs, infographics, branded links, and much more. However, we will limit this discussion to some promotional ideas that can boost the identity of any upcoming brand.

Please remember that giving away promotional items is not just about mentioning the name of your brand on a pen or t-shirt. Each of these items should be created in a way that showcases the individuality of your company. If standing out from the crowd is your goal, your giveaway promotional products should be exceptionally creative. While selecting these items, don’t forget that today’s consumers don’t care about freebies, unless they are aesthetically pleasing and add value to their lives.

Mentioned below are some items for you to consider.

Custom Pens: These minimalistic items present one of the easiest ways to build brand awareness because everyone uses pens. In addition to your company’s name and logo, it is also a good idea to print catchy tag lines and funny statements. Make sure that your custom pens are of good quality.

Wearable USB Drive: The concept of bracelet USB drives is extremely popular these days and is considered to be perfect for safe storage of important digital files. These fashionable as well as functional items would surely be appreciated by the recipients.

Custom Mugs: Custom mugs are excellent promotional products for branding because the surface of mugs is large enough to print company logo, name, or even an image of the recipient.

In addition to those mentioned above, some other items you may consider are Bluetooth trackers, custom bean bags, key rings, wallets, remote controlled camera shutters, etc.