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What do you put in plastic Easter eggs for egg hunts?

Posted on March 2, 2020 under Giveaway & Promotional Ideas
What do you put in plastic Easter eggs for egg hunts?

Easter is the only festival apart from the Christmas that is profoundly loved by the children. There is a tradition of gifting Easter eggs during this festival because it symbolizes the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Apart from that gifting, the Easter eggs are considered extremely auspicious in the European culture. Besides chocolates and cakes, one of the major attraction for kids is the Easter eggs. One of the best things during the Easter which children love the most is the egg hunt game.

The Easter egg hunt game is one of the oldest traditions which was originated in the European culture. In this game, the eggs are decorated and are kept hidden. After that, children were asked to find those eggs. One of the major twists in this game is that the real and hard-boiled eggs are painted along with the plastic eggs. The plastic ones are filled with chocolates or some other gifts. According to the old European tradition, there are more obstacles created in the pathway of children to make the game more challenging.

How about gifting personalized Easter egg?

If you are looking for a perfect gift that you can give it to your clients as well as customers for this coming Easter then Easter eggs would be a great choice. The personalised professional gifts can help in spreading awareness about a brand. One of the most creative and innovative ideas is to gift the Easter eggs to your clients and customers this coming festival. You can also put some unique stuff inside the Easter eggs before gifting them.

Generally, people use chocolates as the inside part of these eggs, but you can also choose things like toys or rings etc. Print the name of your brand on these eggs and you can even gift them to your guests at the trade shows as well. When you choose such an unusual gift people automatically get attracted to your brand.

People generally keep candies inside the Easter eggs which is the most cliched method to follow. Therefore, here we have discussed the innovative ideas which can be used to make the egg hunt game more interesting. Below is the list of some of the products which can be put inside the plastic Easter egg.

Things which you can fill inside the Easter eggs

One of the best parts of gifting personalized gifts during the festive season is that you can use your creativity and make the gifts more interesting. Filling the Easter eggs with chocolates is an extremely cliched idea. Therefore, we are introducing you to the other innovative ideas that you can use to create a new image of your brand. Here is the list of the items which can be used in the Easter eggs instead of chocolates.

1) Easter Stamps

Gifting the Easter stamps can be a very unique idea as these stamps are highly popular among children. These stamps can also be used for promotional purposes. If your brand deals with the children products then these stamps can be very beneficial for you.

2) Ice cream erasers

Another idea which you can use for gifting is the ice cream erasers. These erasers are very attractive and are always successful in gaining people's attention easily. When you gift these types of the gift the popularity of your brand increases among the children.

3) Mini sticky hands

The mini sticky hands are also one of the innovative gifts which you can gift to your clients and customers this Easter because the Easter eggs are meant for children and when they give these gifts to them then your brand can have new fans.

4) Mini Sports ball keychains

If you are looking to target the audience of all age group then the mini sports ball keychains can be a great option for you. These keychains are loved by both adults as well as children.

5) Rings

Another innovative idea is to put rings inside the Easter eggs. If your business is related to the women accessories these rings can be a great option to give.

6) Bracelets

Putting bracelets inside the Easter eggs can be a delight for the girls as they are a huge fan of jewellery. The bracelets have a huge fan following therefore, keeping them inside the Easter eggs can be a great idea.

Even children also get allured with these promotional tactics. Your promotional gift should reflect the culture and principles of your organization. Therefore, you should always pay attention to promotional gifts which you are using in trade events and marketing events. Apart from all these, you can also keep positive and motivational quotes inside the Easter eggs.