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How to Really Make Your Logo Pop When Printing on Custom Tote Bags

Posted on June 4, 2017 under Custom Printing Tips
How to Really Make Your Logo Pop When Printing on Custom Tote Bags

Many customers who have never had experience placing an order of customized products before often get unwanted surprises when they receive their products. Honestly, having never ordered custom promotional products before such as custom tote bags, we can't really blame these “green” customers if their products don't turn out right. Many promotional products company however, fail to guide their customers correctly. When they receive an order, they simply take the customer's logo and print on the product without giving it much thought or concern, much to the chagrin of the customers when they receive their final product. A disappointed customer is never a good thing!

Luckily, here at Promotion Choice, we have talented individuals who take care of processing every order and taking the time to process and produce every virtual proof. Each individual is intimately connected with each order and will take note of the ink color chosen by the customer as well as the product color chosen by the customer. Take a product like custom tote bags for example. These personalized tote bags are definitely one of the most popular giveaways that we offer – they are attractive, durable, people keep them for a very long time, and they have a large imprint area that boasts any emblazoned logo even from a distance. People use these printed grocery totes not just for buying groceries, but for miscellaneous everyday outings.

Take Some Time To Consider Custom Tote Bag Colors Vs Ink Colors

Spending money to purchase some promotional tote bags is one the best investments you can make for your business. The return of investment is really high and brings in many new and repeat customers for many of our clients for very little money. This, plus the fact that you are spending money at all is all the more reason why you should definitely put some good thought into choosing the right colors and the correct ink colors to print onto the bag colors you choose. We understand that many customers have corporate colors they have to adhere to, but adhering strictly to these colors is not always possible when printing on promotional giveaways. For example, perhaps a company's colors are Red, Orange, and Royal Blue; maybe you want to get red bags and print orange ink on them, or even blue bags and print red ink on the blue custom tote bags. Unfortunately, both scenarios are not good ideas, as the ink color and product color do not contrast enough. It is not always possible for customers, especially those who do not frequently buy promotional products frequently to know these things.

Custom Tote Bags Bad Color Contrast Blue Custom Tote Bags Bad Color Contrast Red

At Promotion Choice, we make it our duty to examine each order carefully and advise the customer accordingly. See the examples below of a blue bag with red imprint and another example of a red bag with burgundy ink imprinted. While the logos are technically printed correctly, the contrast is not good. The logos do no pop and your advertising dollar is not maxed out effectively. When we see such color choices made by customers, we often contact them immediately and advise them to perhaps consider other color choices. In the above example, because the company colors are red, orange, and royal blue, we will perhaps advise something like printing on all white imprinted tote bags, and then doing one-third of them with orange ink, one-third with royal blue ink, and one-third with red ink. This way, all three company colors get represented and the logo gets imprinted clearly and will really POP! For most of our personalized tote bags, we do not charge any extra for such ink changes, but there may be a nominal fee for a small minority of tote bag styles where we do charge for ink changes. This same logic of product color vs ink color applies across the board with all other products as well. Whatever the case, we will always work with you until we find a good solution so that you are always a happy customer when you order from us be it logo tote bags or custom latex balloons or personalized stadium cups or any one of our thousands of products!