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How effective is hand sanitizer?

Posted on December 17, 2019 under Budget Friendly Promo Items
How effective is hand sanitizer?

The standard of living in developing countries have improved exponentially in the past few decades. There is more awareness among people today about health and hygiene. People are conscious about the health risks that stem from exposure to various micro-organisms and that hygiene is essential in minimizing those risks. Personalized hand sanitizer or custom hand sanitizer is one such hygiene solution.

People, by and large, understand the need to clean their hands before eating to stop harmful bacteria and viruses from entering their bodies. However, washing one's hand every time before eating is not an option for many due to the unavailability of soap and water, everywhere at all times. And therefore, demand for an alternative arises.

But how about using the product as a promotional tool!

Yes, it is one of the most innovative and in-trend customized giveaways of high utility. The logo imprinted on sanitizers can boost your brand image, especially if you are into a business that relates to hospitality (restaurants and hotels), hospitals, pharmaceuticals, doctors, and medicine in general. It is also fruitful for the rest of the industries, as well. The company can provide personalized hand sanitizers with their logo imprinted to its patrons and suppliers or use the same in their office premises. This would show that your brand cares!


Personalized hand sanitizer has experienced a boost in its demand in recent years. However, people still have many questions about its effectiveness as a disinfectant. There are a few things to understand here.

The first is that Personalized Hand Sanitizers do not serve as a replacement for thorough hand washing. Instead, they are an alternative to bring consumers some of the benefits of handwashing when hand washing is not practical. Several studies are suggesting that the use of custom hand sanitizers help in preventing infections by killing transient pathogenic bacteria.

Hand washing and personalized hand sanitizers reduce microbes in two different ways. Hand washing - whether done with "antibacterial" soap or plain soap - physically removes micro-organisms from the skin. Hand sanitizers reduce levels of micro-organisms by killing them chemically, just like disinfectants kill germs on environmental surfaces. The magnitude of the effect of handwashing depends upon two things-wash-time and soap usage. Washing hands without soap or not washing them thoroughly is much less effective.

Similarly, the effectiveness of a custom hand sanitizer also depends upon two things-1. The volume in which it is applied to the hands, and 2. The amount of time it remains on the surface of the skin before evaporating. Applying a large volume of personalized hand sanitizer ensures excess active ingredient and extends the period of chemical activity. The longer it takes to evaporate, the better is the chemical activity in terminating micro-organisms present on the skin.

Especially in a hospital setting, where frequent hand washing is not practical, it's easy to understand the utility of hand sanitizing products. However, outside of the hospital, most people catch respiratory viruses from direct contact with people who already have them, and hand sanitizers won't do anything in those circumstances.


Most effective hand sanitizers primarily contain 60% to 95% alcohol. Alcohol, with its antiseptic qualities, helps in decreasing the infectious agents and micro-organisms. There is a scientific consensus on the utility of Alcohol-based hand sanitizers for people working in health-care who need to frequently clean their hands using hand-sanitizers because of practicality. However, there is no similar finding that supports the utility of non-alcoholic based hand sanitizers. It is, therefore, preferable to use a personalized hand sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol. Other ingredients usually include moisturizing agents and artificial scents.


It is not conclusively proven that personalized hand sanitizers or other anti-microbial products are harmful to health. The most common argument used against hand-sanitizers is that it could theoretically reduce antibacterial resistance. However, there is no proof to support this argument. There are no studies showing that hand sanitizers are posing an explicit threat. In the hospitals and health facilities, for instance, there hasn't been any evidence of resistance to alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

As hand-sanitizers primarily contain alcohol, it is safe to use hand-sanitizer before eating. However, it is advised to do not swallow or drink any amount of hand-sanitizer as it is not meant to be orally consumed. It is safe to use hand-sanitizer, but it is essential to use it correctly.


You should always clean your hands with soap and water if your hands are visibly dirty or if you have touched chemicals of some kind. If your hands are covered in mud or soil because of playing in the ground or have gotten greasy while repairing your car, sanitizer may not work at all. Therefore after handling tasks that involve significant exposure of your hands, it is recommended to wash your hands thoroughly using soap and water. Sanitizer won't be the appropriate remedy.


Hand sanitizers that are custom made to target different demographics are known as personalized or custom hand-sanitizers. These are made keeping in mind the diverse needs and preferences of the consumers. You will find custom hand sanitizers of all shapes, sizes, and styles. They are available at affordable prices to be accessible to a broad range of customers.

If going through the above article has given you clarity about your doubts, you can browse to find a custom hand-sanitizer to enhance your brand image.