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Personalized Sunglasses for Promotional Events

Looking for the best promotional product to attract your audience? At PromotionChoice.com, you can buy custom promotional sunglasses in all styles and colors, including retro and classic designs. We also offer promotional sunglasses accessories like straps, clips, and cases. Buy custom logo sunglasses at low wholesale prices in bulk today. We print and ship most of our wholesale sunglasses from the USA!

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Custom Sunglasses at Cheap Prices

Promotional sunglasses are a sure way to grab attention at any trade show, event, or campaign of yours. Increase your sales with our huge collection of carefully selected personalized sunglasses that will make your company or event so memorable.

Our custom shades have low prices and are available in myriad colors across the color spectrum. We also offer a variety of custom-printed sunglasses styles. Some of them include: retro sunglasses, aviator sunglasses, sunray fashion eyeglasses, tortoiseshell sunglasses, camouflage glasses, glasses with bottle openers, and many more!

We have every color and type of glasses that will fit your every need. What's more, we even carry glasses accessories like glasses clips, sunglasses cases, and sunglass straps.

Our custom logo sunglasses are appropriate for so many occasions and events! Sunglasses are great promotional items and are extremely popular with many of our clients in industries such as advertising, construction, real estate, tanning salons, pet stores, design, restaurants, hair salons, beverage companies, events companies, tourism companies, etc. Your target audience will value these personalized sunglasses, and your brand name will always be at the top of their minds. See your clients having a complete ball with our branded custom sunglasses at the beach, parks, and other outdoor venues.

Besides company events, our personalized sunglasses are also ideal for special occasions on a more personal scale, such as birthdays, weddings, bah mitzvahs, pool parties, baby showers, etc. Make a splash at your event with these awesome printed custom sunglasses.

Order your custom logo sunglasses from us today and see your brand soar! Our expert customer service reps are always ready to help you and walk you through your order from start to finish. You will be delighted with our imprinted eyeglasses. Order worry-free today - great quality print sunglasses at low prices - and see your branded sunglasses boost your brand up!

Why choose bulk custom sunglasses for promotions?

Bulk custom sunglasses are a fantastic choice for promotions for several reasons:

Cost-Effective: Buying in bulk reduces the cost per unit, making custom sunglasses an affordable option for promotional giveaways.

Wide Brand Exposure: Sunglasses are a popular and practical accessory, making them highly likely to be used frequently, thereby increasing brand visibility.

Customization Options: Custom sunglasses can be tailored to match a company's branding colors, logo, or message, enhancing brand recognition.

Versatile Marketing Tool: Sunglasses can be distributed at various events such as trade shows, conferences, or outdoor marketing campaigns, reaching a diverse audience.

Long-Lasting Promotion: Unlike flyers or brochures that may be discarded quickly, sunglasses are a durable item that recipients are likely to keep and use, providing long-term exposure for the brand.

Promotionchoice.com offers a range of bulk custom sunglasses that are ideal for business and corporate branding. Their customizable options allow businesses to create unique promotional products that effectively represent their brand identity.

Are expensive designer sunglasses worth it?

Expensive designer sunglasses can be worth it for those looking for a high-quality, stylish accessory. However, personalized sunglasses in bulk can offer a cost-effective and customizable alternative for businesses and companies looking to promote their brand.

Can I get my sunglasses engraved?

Yes, you can get your sunglasses engraved with a customized sunglasses service. This option allows you to add a personal touch to your eyewear, making them unique to you.

How do you make glasses into sunglasses?

To turn regular glasses into sunglasses, one common method is to have lenses with UV protection put into the frames. This is a popular choice for individuals looking for custom sunglasses with logo or other personalized features.

How do you print a logo on glasses?

Logos can be printed on glasses through a variety of methods such as screen printing, pad printing, or digital printing. This customization option is ideal for businesses seeking to create promotional sunglasses with logo for marketing purposes.

What ages are kids sunglasses for?

Kids sunglasses are typically designed for children between the ages of 3 to 12 years old. These personalized sunglasses for kids offer UV protection and come in fun designs and colors suitable for younger wearers.

What rating should kids sunglasses be?

Kids sunglasses should have a UV protection rating of 100% to ensure their eyes are shielded from harmful sun rays. It is essential to prioritize the safety and eye health of children when selecting personalized neon sunglasses for them.

Where do you put your logo on sunglasses?

Logos can be placed on sunglasses in various locations such as the temple, lens, or even the case. This customization option is ideal for businesses looking to create bulk personalized sunglasses that showcase their brand identity.