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Custom Erasers

Design personalized erasers for schools and kids

Our custom erasers are available in various shapes and colors, allowing for personalization for kids at school or branding with your company's logo. With affordable prices, they serve as great promotional items suitable for schools, libraries, trade shows, fairs, and party favors. Order in bulk today or customize other office supplies.

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The Power of Custom Erasers in Promoting Your Brand

When it comes to marketing your business effectively, custom erasers stand out as a unique and impactful promotional product. At PromotionChoice.com, we offer a diverse range of personalized erasers that can be tailored to meet your specific promotional needs, whether you are targeting educational institutions, trade shows, events, or seeking memorable party favors.

Why Choose Custom Erasers for Promotional Branding?

Custom erasers serve as practical desk accessories that find daily use, ensuring continuous exposure for your brand. Whether used for drawing, sketching, or writing, these erasers not only provide utility but also effortlessly promote your business. By opting for custom erasers, you can stay in the minds of your customers and grab attention on a day-to-day basis.

Benefits for Brands Targeting Kids and Parents

For brands focusing on children and parents, custom erasers prove to be an excellent choice. These erasers are not only functional but also fun and engaging, making them popular among kids. The practicality of erasers is appreciated by parents, resulting in increased visibility for your brand among both children and their families.

Cost-Effectiveness and Sustainability

Opting for custom erasers as a promotional tool is cost-effective compared to traditional advertising methods. By purchasing in bulk from PromotionChoice.com, you can benefit from wholesale prices that are both budget-friendly and highly competitive. Additionally, these erasers are manufactured using non-toxic materials, ensuring safety for users of all ages.

How to Design and Order Custom Erasers Online

  1. Choose the Shape: Select the desired eraser shape from our available options.
  2. Select Print Method: Opt for screen printing for customization.
  3. Choose Colors: Specify the background color and color options for your design.
  4. Select Quantity: Determine the required number of erasers.
  5. Provide Instructions: Include any specific design instructions, such as the number of colors on each side and additional details.
  6. Upload Design: Submit your logo or design for customization.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are custom erasers made with non-toxic materials?

Yes, all our erasers are crafted using non-toxic materials to ensure user safety, especially for children.

How can I order custom erasers in bulk?

You can easily place bulk orders on our website at affordable wholesale prices. Due to our supplier relationships, we offer the cheapest prices for a majority of custom promotional items, including our erasers.

What is the production and shipping timeline for custom erasers?

Choose production and shipping timelines based on your requirements during the ordering process. You can select the number of days for production and whether you'd like to see a proof before the erasers are sent out.

How can a custom eraser help kids and parents remember the brand?

Custom erasers serve as practical and engaging desk accessories for children, encouraging frequent use for drawing and writing tasks. This repeated interaction ensures that the brand logo on the eraser remains prominently in front of kids, creating a lasting visual association. Additionally, parents value the functionality of these erasers, further reinforcing brand visibility within families. By integrating custom erasers into your promotional efforts, you can effectively imprint your brand in the minds of both kids and parents, fostering recognition and loyalty over time.


By opting for custom erasers as your promotional product, you not only invest in marketing but also in establishing brand recognition and loyalty. At PromotionChoice.com, we streamline the process of ordering and customizing erasers, ensuring your branding needs are met with top-quality products at competitive prices. Don't hesitate - start designing your custom erasers today and witness your brand make a lasting impact!