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Protective Gear


Printed Face Shields and Anti Germs Face Masks Protects You During Pandemics

PromotionChoice has carefully sourced quality protective gear to help you protect yourselves during uncertain times. The current situation demands that we make changes to our lives even after the country opens back up. Wearing facial masks, bandanas, or face shields printed with your logo or artwork will be necessary to protect both ourselves and the general public.

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Keep Yourself And Others Safe with Face Masks and Face Shields

In these uncertain times, it is becoming essential that we protect both ourselves and others by wearing face masks, face shields, and other protective gear. Wearing these protective gear will ensure that our droplets stays in our masks or shields when we cough, sneeze, talk, or even breath. Because a very significant portion of people who catch the virus are asymptomatic, they will not know that they are infectious. With this in mind, it becomes necessary that everyone wears a masks so we protect our loved ones, our friends, and the general public.

We also carry bandanas in this category as even a simple bandana or handkerchief will serve to keep our droplets from flying and landing on others and surfaces, thus spreading dieseases. Bandanas are also serves a multitude of other purposes - use it as a handkerchief, tie it around your nose and mouth as a face mask, or around your head as a head gear. Some even use it as a scarf!

Our face shields can be professionally customized with your company logo, artwork, or design. Our quality face shields are reusable and pivots up and down for your convenience, and will not interfere with any eyewear or face masks or respirators. It is definitely a neccessary added layer of protection especially for workers who come into contact with many people daily, such as cashiers, warehouse workers, medical professionals, or any other essential workers. Should anyone talk, sneeze, cough, those droplets won't even think of landing anywhere close to your face or your face masks with these face shields! It definitely keeps the germs away.